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Processing technology analysis of shaft numeric control simulation
Feb 07, 2018

When the shaft is used as a pillar, it is usually necessary to use the supporting bracket, base and fixed ring.Next, we will mainly analyze the main flow of shaft numeric control simulation machining based on VNUC.In fact, this is a process of simulating the actual machine tool using computer virtual animation technology, which can verify the security and correctness of the processing code.

Because of this, it can greatly shorten the production cycle of the product and ensure the quality of the product.In numeric control machining process, in order to check the correctness of the numerical control program, traditionally try cutting method, this method still exists some disadvantages, however, with the development of numerical control technology and computer technology is widely used in the field of industry, people began to explore some of the more advanced method.

First of all, in the process analysis of the shaft products, cause by the part belongs to the typical shaft type parts, the structure is relatively simple, so the process is processed by the outer circle.At the same time, it is necessary to prepare the tool that needs to be used, considering that the part only needs to adopt the outer circular cutting process, so we need to choose the size of the tip radius and cutter length reasonably.

Then the preparation of the shaft is also required, which mainly refers to the length direction and diameter of the parts according to the maximum size of the parts.Then you need to do a numerical control program.The product can be classified into two categories: common and precise, according to the classification of precision.The difference between these two is mainly the difference between the thread and the verticality of the end surface and the datum.In addition, the processing equipment and measuring equipment are different also.

According to the actual usage, the product can be divided into the linear shaft, the rotary shaft and the strut of the pillar.The shaft used for linear motion is often used with linear bearings, bearings, oil less bushing, etc