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The basic knowledge introduction of the guide post
Oct 12, 2017

In the current field of production, we can see that guide posts are used in many devices. So, how much do you know about the guide post? This article prepare some basic knowledge for everyone, hoping to deepen everybody's understanding.

First, what is the guide post?

In fact, the materials used to produce the guide posts is nothing more than ball bearing steel, hot die steel and so on. The most used is ball bearing steel SUJ1. This material's advantage is to increase the durability and interchangeability of the product

It is necessary to remind everyone that there is a segment named heat treating in the process of machining the guide post. The segment should be done according to the HRC58-62 standard. The standard of the surface coarseness is Ra0.8 and Ra1.6. In the practical application, when the extent is longer, then the number of oil tanks will increase, but will not be more than 8.

Second, what kinds do the guide posts have?

In order to distinguish easily, we need to divide them into different types when choosing the guide post. The guide post can be divided into car mold used, independent type, mold type used and unloading plate used according to the use occasion. The guide post can be divided into sliding type and rolling type according to the guiding direction. The guide post also can be divided into according to the stevedoring type and press fit type according to the installation method

Third, what is the C segment length of the angular cam?

For the angular cam, there is an important parameter which have to say, named the C segment length. The parameter directly influence the slider running distance S. At present, when we calculate this value, we can use some software to calculate, without manually calculating the data..