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What are the basic requirements for the guide shaft?
Oct 16, 2017

In fact, referring to the guide shaft, we can find its existence in many mechanical parts. In its application, the guide shaft includes many uses. For example, in the linear axis, it plays an important role in guiding. In other words, under its action, the rectilinear motion of the product can be realized.

So, do you know what basic requirements should the guide shaft meet when designing and manufacturing the guide shaft? It is clear that only a number of requirements can be met, and the products produced will be able to perform better. Therefore, it is often required that its design is simple and reasonable. In the premise of ensuring its performance, reduce its maintenance cost as much as possible.

In addition, in the production of the guide shaft, we also need to strictly select durable materials and it should be carried out according to the specific process requirements in the process. In the process of surface treatment, it is necessary to conduct precise finishing plating treatment, and ensure that its precision meets the relevant standards.

In addition to the requirements described above, in fact, in the processing of the guide shaft, we should also ensure that it has better wear resistance. In this way, it can ensure the longer service life in the actual application.

So, in the practical application, what fields can the guide shafts be applied to? In fact, its application range is very wide. It not only can be used in some automatic lathes, vehicle electronic instruments, watch and clock parts processing, but also can be used for the precision axis of products such as cylinder.

In short, due to the characteristics of the guide shaft, it is widely used in many production work. In the manufacturing process, we should combine the requirements of its use to ensure its production quality.