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The installation method of the guide shaft
Nov 29, 2017

In the actual work, the installation method of the guide shaft, in fact, is mainly based on the condition of its bearings. Generally, the main influence factors of the design of the guide bearing are: The overall structure of the mechanism, the convenience of assembly and disassembly spot check, and the size limit of the overall mechanism.

First, when installing the guide shaft, the datum plane of the basilar plate should be determined first. In other words, in order to achieve high-precision motion on the axis of the direct moving body, it has to be installed in parallel to the datum plane. In the actual operation, the reference plane is usually selected as the upper and axial sides of the fixed plate, such as the shaft seat of the mounting shaft, as the reference.

Secondly, it is the consideration of the shape of the bearing and the shaft end. In general, the shape of the shaft end of the guide shaft is selected mainly in conjunction with the relationship of the overall structure. For example, if the basilar plate does not have a special position to determine the baseline, then during assembly, the parallelism of the two shafts can be achieved through the appropriate adjustment.

In addition, when selecting the shape of the shaft end, it also needs to be considered according to the bearing of the guide shaft. If the bearing is needed to be fixed, then the shaft end does not require special shape, so the straight rod type guide shaft can meet the requirements.

So, what is the specific installation method? When installing the shaft seat, for the basilar plate datum plane, the fixing of the 1 shaft should be fixed vertically by 2 guide bearings. At this point, the side of the movable table plate on the side of the linear bearing through the shaft, and then the shaft is installed on the shaft seat.

Next, the linear bearing of the movable table plate on the other side can be passed through the guide shaft, and the instruct bearing is fixed by the bolt without tightening. Then move the movable table plate slowly, when the appropriate position is reached, the bolt of the bearing will be tightly locked.