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What factors should be considered when designing a hollow rod?
Nov 24, 2017

Normally design quality is a key factor in the quality of hollow rod.In order to guarantee the quality of the hollow rod, we need to take into account many factors at the same time in the process of design.So, do you know what other key factors should be considered?Let's take a look!

The first one is that,the staff needs to collect all the relevant raw materials and design evidence before the design.The main contents include: 1. The purpose and working conditions of the main engine of the hollow rod;2. Structure characteristics, load conditions, travel size and movement requirements of the work organization;3. Pressure and flow of work selected by the work system;4. Details of materials, accessories and processing technology;5. Specific technical specification requirements, etc.

The second key factor to consider mainly refers to its work system shall be under the external load force during operation, such as gravity, external mechanism motion friction, inertia force and pressure load, etc.According to these contents, the change law of the load of the hollow rod in each stage of the trip and the dynamic value must be provided.

The third factor needs to be considered mainly refers to the main movement requirements of the working system in practice, and the main types and structure forms of the operating mechanism.These contents are the main basis of hollow rod design.

The final factor is to combine the work load of the working organization and the selected work pressure to determine the diameter of the piston and the hollow rod.

These are the main references for the design of hollow rod,in hope you can pay attention to these problems in the actual design work, and the high quality hollow rod is finally designed.