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The selection principle of ball guide post
Nov 18, 2017

No matter which product is used in production, reasonable selection is a very important question.For example, when making ball guide post, you need to follow some basic principles. So what does that include?Let me introduce you to this question and hope it can be helpful.

1. In selecting materials, the first basic requirement to follow is that,ensure the selected material can meet the requirements of the ball guide post’s working conditions .

2. High-quality steel should be chosen as far as possible.Because if the processing of mould parts nonconformity by material,then it can not satisfactory to meet the requirements of work, also seriously affect the service life, even be scrapped directly.

In this way, there will be greater waste.As we know that this kind of guide post we used mainly for guiding the activity to achieve accurate positioning, then providing help for mold production.It means that the selective orientation should meet the positioning accuracy requirements.So what are the advantages of this product in practice?

In terms of the current situation,when we produce the ball guide post, the processing quality of its components has been standardized.Also work errors can be controlled within a very small range.Besides the rolling type of ball guide post ,So it can obviously reduce the friction between the molds, and protect the equipment and prolong the service life.

All in all, to ensure the performance of ball guide post, we need to choose suitable materials. And the excellent performance of the ball guide post is well reflected in practical application,for example,  smaller error, more accurate, and longer time to use.