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The selection principle of shaft material
Nov 17, 2017

The shaft is very common in the current industrial field,in order to ensure the effect, it is necessary to consider the selection of materials.Generally, due to the better comprehensive mechanical properties of carbon steel materials, it is widely used in practical work, especially 45 steel applications.

If we want to further improve the mechanical properties of the shafts, we can use either positive or qualitative processing.If the force is small, then the carbon structural steel of Q235 and Q275 can be used.And because by some more special requirements of work , they can choose alloy steel. This material has good mechanical properties, but it is more expensive.For example, the high-speed shaft of sliding bearing is often made of low carbon alloy structural steel materials such as 20Cr and 20CrMnTi.And it also needs to be carburizing and quenching to improve the wear resistance.

In addition, when choosing materials,we need to consider the specific working conditions.For example, in some cases, the shaft works under high temperature, high speed or heavy load conditions,then it is necessary to ensure that it has good high temperature mechanical properties, so it is often used to choose 40CrNi, 38CrMoAlA and other alloy structural steel.

There are also special situations that we need to use a larger or more complex shaft,then the cast steel or ductile iron material should be selected. Like using ductile iron to make crankshaft, camshaft, etc., not only can save cost, but also have good vibration absorption.

To sum up,When choosing textures, we should combine working condition and use requirement to choose.Once the choice is not appropriate, then you may have a failure of the shaft ,like fatigue fracture, overload fracture, elastic deformation, etc.