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The main characteristics and technological properties of the hollow piston rod
Dec 01, 2017

In the practical application, compared to other components, the hollow piston rod belongs to a moving part which has higher technical requirements because it has more frequent movement.

The hollow piston rod is a connecting part which supports the work of the piston, mainly used in the oil cylinder, cylinder and other moving parts.

In other words, under the normal use environment, hollow piston rod often needs to withstand various more complex loads, and part of which will be subjected to reciprocating friction of the sealing device, so this part must have a higher accuracy, and be very wear - resistant. In order to meet this requirement, a better material needs to be selected in the  production to ensure proper hardness conditions.

Analyzing from the angle of processing technology, after the selection of the suitable material, it needs to be hardened and tempered. In this way, not only the internal of the hollow piston rod can maintain a certain toughness, but also the external has better wear resistance. From the structure, in fact, the whole structure of the component is not complex. However, its draw ratio is larger, belonging to the slender axles parts, and the rigidity is poor.

Therefore, in order to achieve the required precision standard, in the actual process, the technological conditions must be strictly controlled. Usually, in the process of turning, the rough and fine turning should be separated, and the rough and fine turning both will use the follow-rest. This is mainly to reduce the amount of deformation produced when machining the hollow piston rod. And use the center frame when machining the left end screw thread.

In addition, the effect of deformation must be taken into account during the whole process. For example, when grinding the cylindrical surface, the work piece may cause the cutter and elastic to deform, which will also have a bad effect on the accuracy of the hollow piston rod. Therefore, in the processing of hollow piston rod, it is also necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the center hole, and ensure good lubrication.http://www.xhychromerod.com/