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The main function and general materials of the hollow rods
Sep 28, 2017

There are two advantages of using the hollow rod. The first one is because of it strong bending resistance ability, it can bear more external torque in the context of same material consumption and sectional area. The second one is in the context of same external torque, the hollow rod saves more materials than the solid piston rod.

hollow piston rod空心活塞杆.jpg

First, what are the main function of the hollow rods? 

Analyzing from the current application situation analysis, the hollow rod plays a very important role in many fields. Especially in the automobile industry, its role is irreplaceable. In comparison, in the case of the minimum weight, its natural bending frequency and torsional stiffness can achieve the best coordination.

More importantly, for the user, the hollow rod can adjust its natural bending frequency and torsional stiffness according to the actual needs. And in most cases, there is no need to use a shock absorber when using the product, which not only can save the materials, but also can reduce he overall weight of the car.

Second , What are the general materials and what are the advantages of these materials in the production of the hollow rods at present?

At present, in the production of hollow rod, the material used is basically seamless steel pipe. The so-called seamless steel tube, in fact, refers to a kind of hollow section, and there is no joint around the round or square or rectangular steel. It is mainly used steel ingot or solid tube blank through the perforation, and then after hot rolling, cold rolling and so on a series of processing to make the capillary.

This material is selected because when using this material to make the hollow rod, it can not only ensure its strength of bending and torsion resistance, also reduce the weight. so it has a greater advantage when it is used.