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What are the advantages of hydraulic cylinder piston rods through hard chromium plating?
Sep 19, 2017

Hydraulic cylinder piston rod is our common application in the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system in the movement of the execution part, a piston to support the work of the connecting parts, it has been used in many ways. Moreover, the use of hydraulic cylinders, piston rod products are known to all, hydraulic cylinder, piston rod into finished products, are required to go through hard chrome plating, then hydraulic cylinder piston rod through hard chrome plating, what are the benefits?

1 .hydraulic cylinder piston rod through hard chromium plating, not only bright and meticulous, and solid combination of the base stronger. Moreover, the coating has smooth coating, uniform thickness and strong dispersing ability.

2, after hard chromium plating, its coating hardness can be as high as HV1100. The maximum ratio is up to 80:1, the cathode current efficiency is 22~35%, and the deposition rate is fast, and the electric energy is saved. When its hard chromium plating coating micro crack number is more than 2000 / cm, and has high corrosion resistance.

3, through the hard chromium plating, not only can ensure the surface hardness, brightness enhancement, and it for the mold rust resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resisting ability and so on have greatly improved. The utility model is especially applied to the copper tube of the continuous casting mould, the effect is obvious, and the steel content is remarkably improved.

4, hard chromium plating process stability, maintenance simple, easy to operate, direct conversion. Moreover, hydraulic cylinder piston rod through hard chromium plating, can improve the surface of the mold bright, hardness, make its surface smooth and bright, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, rust prevention, easy to release, non stick mold and other effects.