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The repair method for guide shaft diameter wear
Nov 11, 2017

In the production work, there will inevitably appear the problem of parts damage. Usually, different repair methods are often used to repair workpiece after the damage is found. For the guide shaft, if there is the problem of shaft diameter wear, the main repair methods are mechanical machining repair method, welding repair method, electroplating repair method and thermal spraying.

First of all, after finding the damage of the guide shaft diameter, we should check the damage situation in time, and usually choose different repair methods depending on the degree of wear. If the damage is minor, the grinding repair method can be used. For example, for the diameter of more than one meter, and unilateral wear of about 0.10 mm can be used in this way.

Secondly, if it is found that the shaft diameter wear is more serious, that is, after the polishing is still unable to adapt to the gap between the bearing bushes, then it is necessary to use the electroplating method to find the size first, then do the grinding rounding. The so-called electroplating repair technology, in fact, is mainly using the principle of electrolysis to reduce the metal ions in the plating solution to metal atoms. At the same time, the metal surface layer forms a layer of repair film with higher binding force and a certain thickness.

In addition, the sleeve insertion method can be used for repair. This method is more common in practical work, and can achieve better repair effect. In addition, thermal spraying technology can be used to repair the guide shaft. This method mainly refers to the melting of the coating material into a heat source, and then, under the action of the high speed air flow, shoot it to the base material surface to form a covering layer.

In short, for the shaft diameter wear problem, we can choose the appropriate repair process combined with the specific situation. Hope that these content can bring some help for everyone, and can be used in practical work.


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