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What inspection should the hollow piston rod do before assembling?
Nov 03, 2017

Usually, when assembling the piston connecting rod unit, it is not only to pay attention to the assembly of the hollow piston rod, but also to assemble the piston, piston pin and connecting rod reasonably. In order to ensure the quality of the assembly, you need to check before starting. So, what inspection should check?

Next, we will analyze and discuss this issue. The first point, we should pay attention to selecting the suitable connecting rod bearing shell and connecting rod journal. In addition, before assembling the hollow piston rod, it is necessary to tighten the connecting rod bolts so that the torque is within the specified range. Then, when the mating surface is coated with oil, it should be ensured to make it turn by hand.

The second aspect is to pay attention to selecting the suitable piston pin and matching connecting rod bushing for the hollow piston rod. At this time, you need to clean and dry the piston pin and bushing, and then apply a layer of uniform clean oil on its work surface. Then grasp the piston pin with the left hand in the bushing with the right hand, and put the piston pin in the bushing with the left hand. The force of the thumb through the right hand should push the piston pin into the bushing.

The last aspect is that the clearance of the end face of the hollow piston rod should be checked as required. At this point, each piston rod should be positioned horizontally about 40 mm from the upper end of the cylinder liner, and be measured by the thickness gauge inserted into the end clearance. Be careful to check if the measured value is within the requirements.

The above is mainly for the introduction of the main inspection of the hollow piston rod and its related parts before the assembly, hoping to provide some reference.


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