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Working principle and troubleshooting of Hydraulic rod
Oct 10, 2018

In a compressor configuration, the components of the Hydraulic rod include a pressure relief ring, a single-acting seal ring that prevents gas leakage, a double-acting seal ring that controls gas discharge, and a scraper ring. The pressure reducing ring is a PA type; the sealing ring is a TR type single acting sealing ring, which is composed of a supporting ring and a tangential ring. The supporting ring has a gap with the hydraulic piston rod, and the tangential ring is closely matched with the hydraulic piston rod.


In actual work, the sealing working principle of theHydraulic rodcan be summarized as follows: when the sealing side cylinder is in the compressed state, the positive pressure difference occurs on both sides of the sealing ring; and when the sealing side cylinder is in the inhaled state, the opposite side of the partial sealing ring appears The pressure difference. For the fault problems that occur during use, such as the seal ring failure should change the structure of the seal ring.


If there is a fault phenomenon caused by poor lubrication, then the lubrication system of the unit needs to be modified, and the leakage of the Hydraulic rod seal box may be excluded, the shape of the sealant oil injection pipe may be changed, and the oil leakage of the lubricating oil pipe and its joints may be reduced. The possibility.https://www.xhychromerod.com/